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this sucks
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Am I sex?

Full name: amylou riddick
Age: twentyone
Location: devon, uk
Sexual preference: open minded
Aim screen name: hypervaluegirl
Hair color/style: reddy brown and choppeh
Favorite shoe brand/company: dunlop
Ten Favorite bands: the smiths, depeche mode, joy division, new order, yeah yeah yeahs, le tigre, the killers, libertines, sia, jeff buckley
Ten Favorite movies: beaches, chasing amy, ghost world, the goonies, labyrinth, alice in wonderland, bowling for columbine, the breaskfast club, pretty in pink, dirty dancing
Ten Favorite shows: without a trace, six feet under, nip/tuck, my so called life, teachers, black books, sex and the city, location location location, how clean is your house?, little britain.
Favorite artist (optional): francis bacon
Favorite color: green
Do you play an instrument/what is it: nah
Do you like the ocean: not really
Favorite place: weston super mare, the pier
Favorite book(s): the bell jar, prozac nation, invisible monsters, alice in wonderland, no logo, catcher in the rye, catch 22.
Favorite song: last night i dreamt that somebody loved me by the smiths
Favorite Lyrics: i love the way you love but i hate the way i'm supposed to love you back: miss you love by silverchair
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite drink: cranberry juice
Favorite rollercoaster: i don't do rollercoasters
Are you in a band/the name of it: nope *sigh*


Gay marriages: i don't really believe in any kind of marriage, gay, straight or otherwise, but hey, each to their own.
Animal rights: animal liberation
Abortions: it's the wonam's right to chose, but it should not be used a birth contrl
Tarantino films: awesome
Magic: nope
Do you believe in love at a young age like 14 to 16: i don't believe in love really. but if you think you are, where's the harm?
Do you believe in love at first sight: i believe in lust at first sight, and that sometimes you can make a special connection with someone straight away.
George Bush or John Kerry: anyone but bush. he is a muppet
Pre-marital sex: you should always try before you buy
Racism: sickening
Drug use: i've experimented but it's not a life course i wish to follow.
Alcohol use: hell yeah i love a glass of wine or six.

Describe your style: sale rail chic with a bit of muss.

One or more pictures!!!