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Am I sex?

Full name: Shaina Michelle Barrott-Villa
Age: Fifteen
Location: Lake Arrowhead, California
Sexual preference: bisexual
Aim screen name: violentlemonaDe
Hair color/style: blueish/brown/ at the moment – pigtails - short
Favorite shoe brand/company: puma!! Support the Olympic Jamicain running team!
Ten Favorite bands: the blood brothers, modest mouse, daft punk, oingo boingo, yellowcard, something corporate, mindless self indulgence, prodigy, the mars volta, at-the drive in, number one fan
Ten Favorite movies: kill bill volume one and two, mean girls, peter pan, night at the roxbury, fifty first dates, edward sissor hands, pulp fiction...
Ten Favorite shows: futurama, aqua teen hunger force, sealab 2021, the grim adventures of billy and mandy, for love or money (hilarious ish), invader zim, fairly odd parents, malcom in the middle
Favorite artist (optional):
Favorite color: hot pink and neon green
Do you play an instrument/what is it: I play bass guitar
Do you like the ocean: hell yes!
Favorite place: disneyland or at this little hair shoppe down in redondo beach
Favorite book(s): brave new girl, peter pan and the perks of being a wall flower
Favorite song: right now... track nine on the new modest mouse cd or number one fan - come on
Favorite Lyrics: "all thoes people that you know, all thoes people that you know, all thoes people that you know floatin' in the river of logs." - modest mouse
Favorite food: churros and ice cream
Favorite drink: chai tea or green tea
Favorite rollercoaster: viper at six flags california or space mountain at disneyland california
Are you in a band/the name of it: I am in a band. We dont have a name... yet!


Gay marriages: I believe in gay marriages because people have the right to be with anyone they want to. You cant stop someone from loving a certain person. I doubt you would like someone to come along and say "you cant get married because you're straight" or " you cant get married because you're *insert some religion" or "you cant get married because you're fugly." uh.. no.
Animal rights: Animals are the best things ever! They deserve as many rights as we do. Animals have feelings too and they should not be kept in a fucking cage their whole life. Let them roam free!!! Also, people shouldnt kill animals for their own pleasure. Or to eat them.
Abortions: I think I've you've gotten your self into that mess than you should have to live with the consequences. But then again I believe that if you get pregnant and you dont want that child then get rid of it by all means, we dont need to add to the population.
Tarantino films: Tarantino films rock. I love the way he directs his films and I love the layouts of each one.
Magic: I believe magic is fake. But then again I really want someone to make me believe that magic is real. Because somewhere in me I believe that magic is real. Fo' serious.
Do you believe in love at a young age like 14 to 16: yes. I think everyone has their own definition of love. It makes me sick to see two kids my age "in love" because I dont think they know what they're doing. But I know for a fact that I was in love once, when I was fourteen and that was real. If you know it, you know it. hah.
Do you believe in love at first sight: yes. Well... sometimes people would like to believe it was love at first sight but most of the time its just lust. eh..
George Bush or John Kerry: I can't really decide on either because I haven't taken enough time to learn the facts about either of them. Except bush is a doosh because of the war. I'm pretty sure many people could have handled it better and I think its a joke that we're in iraq. I mean just to get oil. Many people are dieing for a cause that isn't even real. Chainy wants the oil. Why should we support bush and the war if all they are doing is getting oil and our (california's) gas prices keep rising? Its ridiculous.
Pre-marital sex: If someone wants to have sex before they're married. Um... go for it. But live with the concquences and don't complain.
Racism: I hate racist people. They have no place on this earth. Life is supposed to be filled with love not hate. Racism really hurts people. Its not cool. At all.
Drug use: I think... go for it. Just dont fuck up other peoples lives in the process.
Alcohol use: I think alcohol is hella fun. But! I also think enough is too much and not safe.

Describe your style: I dont have a style. I wear whats clean. 'nuff said.


This better effing work

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