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Am I sex?

Full name: Sarah Lindsey Grey
Age: Fifteen
Location: Running Springs, California (hell)
Sexual preference: not sure
Aim screen name: igotstripes03
Hair color/style: brown and puffy
Favorite shoe brand/company: converse
Ten Favorite bands: tom waites, beck, white stripes, the velvet underground, bjork, franz ferdinand, radiohead, the postal service, talking heads, yeah yeah yeah's, bikini kill
Ten Favorite movies: eternal sunshine, fight club, waydowntown, cold mountain, ghost world, lost in translation, harold and maude, punch-drunk love, fifty first dates
Ten Favorite shows: chappelle's show, the simpsons, the shorts program
Favorite artist (optional): jack vetriano
Favorite color: green
Do you play an instrument/what is it: not really - keyboard
Do you like the ocean: hell yeah.
Favorite place: the coast of washington in humboldt
Favorite book(s): catcher in the rye
Favorite song: static by beck , gods away on business by tom waits, party of special things to do by the white stripes
Favorite Lyrics: "get my name stiched on your lips so you wont get hitched" by the kills
Favorite food: sushi
Favorite drink: arizona ice tea or vanilla coke
Favorite rollercoaster: I dont like rollercoasters... sorry!
Are you in a band/the name of it: no. hah.


Gay marriages: Theres nothing wrong with gay marriage. Marriage is love.
Animal rights: They deserve rights too.
Abortions: I am for abortions because its a woman's right to chose what she wants to do with herself.
Tarantino films: They are excelent. He is an amazing film maker.
Magic: no. magic sucks.
Do you believe in love at a young age like 14 to 16: its foolish to say that you're at such a young age. You're still practically children at that age. But if you feel that way go for it.
Do you believe in love at first sight: it depends, only fools rush into love.
George Bush or John Kerry: Kerry because george bush is a republican doosh bag.
Pre-marital sex: if you believe in waiting for your true love you should wait. If you were to have sex before you're married and you and you're love would have broken up then it wasn't worth it.
Racism: you shouldnt judge people by their race only their inner self.
Drug use: You shouldn't rely on durgs 'cause it shows how weak minded you are.
Alcohol use: Same as above.

Describe your style: um... I dont know. I guess this was a dumb question I made up. hah. Shaina says werid. yo.

One or more pictures!!!

Me! I hope this works...

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