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the_sexsquad's Journal

Are you sex?
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title or description

This is the sex squad!
You are welcome to join if we like you!
Here you can post pictures of yourself or of whatever. You can just share any general interest you have. Its just for rad people. This is a rating community. But you will not be rated on your looks. Because thats LAME. You will be rated on the questions you are given and your personality. Put effort into the questions. It makes you look better. But we will ask you to post a picture just because we would like to know who were talking to! Thanks! Be realistic.

No hating of any kind.
You can hate anyone you want but dont be a jerk about it or you will be banned.
We hate rasist people. So, if you're rasist then you're not welcome.
If you strongly dislike someone for any reason and want them to be banned. Email me and give me a reason to them kill them from the community.
Have fun!
Please fill out the application to join. Use and LJ cut!!!
And just so we know you've read the rules.. put "am I sex?" as the subject.
Oh and please bold the questions to the application! Thanks!
Good Luck!

Full name:
Sexual preference:
Aim screen name:
Hair color/style:
Favorite shoe brand/company:
Ten Favorite bands:
Ten Favorite movies:
Ten Favorite shows:
Favorite artist (optional):
Favorite color:
Do you play an instrument/what is it:
Do you like the ocean:
Favorite place:
Favorite book(s):
Favorite song:
Favorite Lyrics:
Favorite food:
Favorite drink:
Favorite rollercoaster:
Are you in a band/the name of it:


Gay marriages:
Animal rights:
Tarantino films:
Do you believe in love at a young age like 14 to 16:
Do you believe in love at first sight:
George Bush or John Kerry:
Pre-marital sex:
Drug use:
Alcohol use:

Describe your style:

One or more pictures!!!

Oh hello! When accepting new members. Please state a yay or a nay. Or a hell yes! Or a hell no. But please give the reasons why. Be honest. Don't be mean. Uh.. just dont make someone cry. Kay? To join.. you need more yes's than no's. You will have three days before you find out. Most likely everyone will get to join.